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JetBlue rolls out Go Packs that feature 10 flights for a flat fee

August 29, 2012|By Mary Forgione | Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
  • JetBlue Airways on Tuesday rolled out Go Packs, a pass from various cities that features 10 one-way flights for a flat fee.
JetBlue Airways on Tuesday rolled out Go Packs, a pass from various cities… (Mario Tama / Getty Images )

Me to JetBlue Airways: I'm blue without the BluePass.

I bought one last year for $1,200 and hopped a dozen flights in and out of Long Beach, often on a same-day basis. Leaves changing in Seattle? I went. Cool art show in Chicago? Gone again. For three months last fall, I made like a mini jet-setter with an unlimited number of trips to numerous destinations, including Salt Lake City and San Antonio.

Now JetBlue has changed the formula. On Tuesday, it rolled out the Go Pack, which features 10 nonstop trips for a flat rate in seven city-to-city combinations. For Southern Californians, only the Long Beach Go Pack applies. For $999, you get 10 one-way flights from Long Beach to San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Seattle, Portland, Ore., or Las Vegas. (Add $7 per flight for tax and fees.)

Other Go Packs feature city combinations that begin in Boston, Pittsburgh, New York or San Juan, Puerto Rico, that last one convenient for hops to Caribbean islands. To be clear, you have to fly from the Go Pack city of origin to take advantage of the pass. So even though there's a Boston Go Pack that flies to Los Angeles, the reverse isn't offered.

The travel window starts Sept. 12 and runs through Dec. 19, with blackout dates Nov. 20-26. The offer is good through Sept. 6. Read the fine print before you buy ($50 change fee if you change a Go Pack ticket once you've booked it) because there are no refunds or exchanges once you pay for the "pack."

Just penciling out the Long Beach Go Pack, I often find flights cheaper than $100 each way to this year's selected destinations. But the Go Pack still offers the opportunity to make last-minute reservations, so it may appeal to vacationers and business travelers who want flexibility and an easy way to make reservations.

Contact: JetBlue Airways, (800) 538-2583

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