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Letters: Plus-sized money

August 29, 2012

Re "Clothing lines embrace plus sizes," Aug. 26

I'm sure every baby boomer remembers when regular clothing lines went up to size 18 (and sometimes higher) and size zero didn't even exist. Clothing designers have missed this lucrative market for decades — and in the process contributed immeasurably to the low self-esteem and eating disorders that now pervade our society.

I want to say "congratulations," but, honestly, all that comes out is "duh."

Alitta Kullman

Laguna Hills

Designers should be ashamed of themselves for designing clothes and selling them to obese clients. It only encourages the customers to ignore the fact the obesity is a national problem and is not something to feel "beautiful and proud of it."

The bottom line is profits, but eventually this crisis affects all of us when it comes to healthcare. Stop this insanity.

Robert C. Thompson

Marina Del Rey


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