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How Ryan did, what Romney has to do tonight [Google+ hangout]

August 30, 2012|By James Rainey

TAMPA, Fla. -- Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan wowed Republican Party regulars Wednesday night at the party's national convention here. On Thursday night, presidential running mate Mitt Romney will try to ride the same wave of enthusiasm at a gathering that has pushed past earlier concerns about Hurricane Isaac and a potential rebellion of Ron Paul supporters.

Lisa Mascaro and Paul West of the Los Angeles Times/Tribune Washington Bureau will join a video discussion at 11 a.m. PDT (2 p.m. EDT) about the newly minted vice presidential nominee. We'll talk about how Ryan did in the speech and how his rhetoric compares with the record.

As much as many media outlets praised Ryan for his presentation and connecting with his fellow Republicans, many quickly raised serious questions about his veracity on Medicare and other issues.

We'll also discuss what to expect from Romney, the former private equity executive and onetime Massachusetts governor.

Thought not known as a rousing stump speaker, Romney repeatedly exceeded expectations this year in defeating his more than half a dozen rivals for the GOP nomination.

Though conventions are devoid of the drama that once accompanied extended balloting and floor fights over obscure rules, the candidates' acceptance speeches still draw 30 million television viewers or more -- enough that Romney potentially could begin to change the trajectory of an election that has him tightly deadlocked with President Obama for months.

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