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Letters: Ron Paul and an unwelcoming GOP

August 30, 2012

Re "Paul's army fights to the end," Aug. 29

Ron Paul and his supporters are just plain delusional. If they think he ever actually had a chance at being nominated I have some beachfront property in Kansas they might be interested in.

Sooner or later people must realize that someday reality takes over. Unfortunately for Paul's supporters, that day will never arrive.

Scott W. Hughes

Westlake Village

I think it is shameful that the Republican Party did not publicly acknowledge the delegates won by Paul at the Republican National Convention. This is no way to treat a longtime Republican, particularly one who is retiring from office.

This is not the way to send him off. Even worse, Mitt Romney's campaign wouldn't allow him to speak at the convention unless his speech was first reviewed and approved and he endorsed the nominee in advance.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman

Huntington Beach


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