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Letters: Cracks in the city's sidewalk plan

August 30, 2012

Re "On path to repairs," Aug. 28

Los Angeles has a new strategy on damaged sidewalks. City officials want to catalog the damage citywide, tally the total of what it would cost to repair the sidewalks and then ask property owners to tax themselves to pay for the work.

Why spend $10 million to document what many property owners know already? Why not start dividing the $10 million to cover the cost of repairs that homeowners agree to pay half of? We did this for the pine tree that cracked the sidewalk outside my house. It would be a start.

So many times a study confirms what you already know.

Sheila S. Moss


The city may spend more than $10 million to survey the 10,750 miles of sidewalks in Los Angeles. This comes to about $930 per mile. One has to wonder if anyone in City Hall has done this basic math.

This reminds me of a photograph in the Times last week showing about a dozen Los Angeles police officers about to swarm a warehouse that had 100 marijuana plants. Is it any wonder that Los Angeles is experiencing a fiscal crisis?

Bob Lentz



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