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The further adventures of 'Pete & Pete' and Will and Chris

August 31, 2012|By Robert Lloyd | Los Angeles Times Television Critic

You were on Nickelodeon at the same time as some other interesting, well-loved series -- "Clarissa Explains It All For You," "The Secret World of Alex Mack."

WM: There was never any fraternity of like-minded producers and writers. I think our allegiance in a weird way was with the promo department. When people talk about '90s Nickelodeon, I never feel that I have any real connection to any of those other shows

CV: Something I found epitomizes "Pete and Pete's" trajectory at Nickelodeon: When they decided to do that nighttime block, "The '90s Are All That," they started promoting "Pete & Pete" with all their other shows.

WM: We were, like, "Hey, maybe we were part of that whole '90s thing at Nickelodeon."

CV: The irony of it all is that Nickelodeon has never aired "Pete & Pete" in its '90s block, ever. Maybe there's some song rights issues on some shows -- that's something we heard about. But they've not aired at all.

WM: The same thing goes on with the mythical third season on DVD. They put out the first two and everyone's thrilled, and the third one doesn't come out, and no one has ever told us why. And they made it, it's in the warehouse.

CV: It's packaged, it's recorded, we did commentary tracks with a bunch of the cast, there's all these special extras on it. They pressed them, we saw it. Nothing.

WV: And you can't get it on iTunes. But it's just part of the cult mystique of the show. It lives on.

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