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Best beer commercial ever? You be the judge

August 31, 2012|By Rene Lynch

Watch this beer commercial. Even if you hate beer. Even if you hate commercials. Just watch it.

Here's the setup: A bunch of dimwitted thieves end up trying to celebrate their ill-gotten gains at the worst possible place in town -- the local cop bar. A low-speed chase ensues, as no one wants to lose hold of their frosty Carlton Draught.

Along the way, the commercial pays sudsy homage to every hackneyed, action-movie chase sequence in the books. 

Workers transporting a large pane of glass in the middle of the chase? Check. A slo-mo of the getaway racing up and over a steep hill? Got it. Cheesy music? Oh, yes. 

My favorite part? The cops ducking for cover -- while still preserving their beers -- as the bad guys "bust" through a police barricade. There's even a positive message embedded in there: Don't drink and drive, no matter what. 

Advertisers, please take note.

It may seem like the world is trying to dodge your message, or hop over it. But we just want to avoid commercials that are dull, boring, or insult our intelligence.

Do a commercial right, and the world will do your advertising for you.

This video was posted on YouTube Wednesday and already has over 450,000 views. After watching this commercial, I thought: "Hmmm, Carlton Draught. What is that? And ended up on their Facebook page. For the record, it's a pale lager said to be one of Australia's most popular tap beers. "Like!"


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