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Yet-to-be-born royal baby already subject of Twitter parody

December 03, 2012|By Christine Mai-Duc
  • One of the Twitter parodies of Kate Middleton and Prince William's yet-to-be-born royal baby.
One of the Twitter parodies of Kate Middleton and Prince William's… (Twitter )

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, confirmed on Monday they were expecting, and already there were parody tweets from the yet-to-be born royal highness.

Just minutes after the announcement, social media sites were alight with the news of the pregnancy. The hashtag “royalbaby” was trending on Twitter, and several parody handles, including @royal_fetus, the British-spelled @royalfoetus, and @IamRoyalBaby had sprung to life and gained thousands of followers.

One American comedian snagged Twitter real estate @RoyalFetus more than a year ago, and first tweeted on April 29, 2011, the couple’s wedding day. Today, after months of radio silence, it tweeted simply – “I EXIST!!!!!”

Turns out the will-be royal tyke’s online alter-ego has quite the sense of humor already, and plenty of attitude. “I may not have bones yet, but I’m already more important than everyone reading this,” reads one tweet. For those wondering about the living conditions, it “smells of gin and baby powder. Also carrots? Kind of.”

To future uncle Prince Harry, who will succeed the royal baby for the throne, a dig: “So … fourth in line now. How quaint.”

And those attempting to “correct” the spelling of @RoyalFoetus, beware. “Somebody needs to learn the Queen’s English, my dear,” the “foetus” fired back.

This is only the latest in satirical Twitter accounts, including @KimKierkegaard, which mashes the celebrity queen’s tweets with the philosophy of Kierkegaard, and @SilentJimLehrer, which cropped up during the presidential debates.

Of course, there’s always room for a dose of reality. Piers Morgan, who requested the first royal baby interview, received this admonition: “You realise you are talking to a spoof account?”


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