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Tim Duncan, Tony Parker pose with fake guns pointed at ref's head

December 03, 2012|By Chuck Schilken
  • San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan, left, and Tony Parker, right, might have stirred up some trouble by posing for this photo with fake guns at a Halloween party.
San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan, left, and Tony Parker, right, might… (Screenshot from Reddit )

San Antonio Spurs stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker had some fun at NBA referee Joey Crawford's expense at a Halloween party this year, based on a photo that recently surfaced on Reddit.

But some people -- Crawford, who seems to have little sense of humor when it comes to anything involving Duncan, and possibly Commissioner David Stern to name another -- might not find the picture too amusing.

Duncan and Parker were photographed holding fake guns to the head of someone else dressed as Crawford and apparently leading him to a noose hanging from above. Commenters on Reddit have said that Duncan and Parker were dressed as comic book characters, Duncan as The Punisher and Parker as Nick Fury.

Crawford famously issued Duncan a pair of technical fouls, and therefore an ejection, for laughing from the bench during at 2007 game. Duncan said that the referee challenged him to a fight during the game, and the NBA responded by suspending Crawford for the rest of that season.

Not passing any judgment as to whether the pose was funny or not, but Duncan and Parker probably should have realized that some people out there would find it inappropriate -- and that in this day and age there's no chance the photo would not make it out to the masses.

Now we have to wait and see if Stern has anything to say about it. Less than a week after he fined the Spurs $250,000 for resting their stars during a nationally televised game, chances are Stern won't be feeling too generous toward anyone who wears a San Antonio uniform.

Or maybe he can leave the punishment up to Crawford. I pity the poor statistician who has to keep up with all the technical fouls called next time he works a Spurs game.


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