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Mary Meeker report on Internet details smartphone disruption

December 04, 2012|By Chris O'Brien
  • Mary Meeker's latest report shows that, combined, iOS and Android now account for 45% of all Internet operating systems, to 35% for Wintel (Windows-Intel) machines.
Mary Meeker's latest report shows that, combined, iOS and Android… (Kleiner Perkins Caufield…)

There's nothing quite like a Mary Meeker report on the "State of the Internet" to get Silicon Valley geeks excited. Monday night the former Wall Street analyst and now Kleiner Perkins venture capital partner presented her latest report at a Stanford University entrepreneurship event. 

As always, the slidedeck from the report (below) is long. It covers a lot of ground, but can best be summed up this way: Smartphones are huge. And as disruptive as smartphones have been, we're just at the start of that revolution.

China and the U.S. lead the way in smartphone users with 270 million and 172 million users, respectively. That represents 24% and 48% of all mobile phone subscribers in those countries.

Overall, there are 5 billion mobile phones users around the world, but only 1 billion smartphone users. That means companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung are still just tapping into this market. 

While Apple's iPhone may have launched the real smartphone revolution, Meeker notes that Android is being adopted six times faster than Apple's iOS has been.

In terms of the Internet, mobile devices now account for 13% of all traffic. In India, more Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices than desktop computers. 

Combined, iOS and Android now account for 45% of all operating systems, compared with 35% for Wintel (Windows-Intel) machines, according to the report. A decade ago, Wintel held more than 90% of that market. Just a glimpse of why Microsoft is rushing to reinvent itself and Intel is struggling with the transition to a mobile marketplace. 

If you're hungry for more data goodness, flip through the fulll presentation. 


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