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Last-minute gifts: 'Beard and Mustache Coloring Book'

December 04, 2012|By Adam Tschorn
  • Two-time world champion beardsman Jack Passion, left, in 2011, and the cover of his recently published "Beard and Mustache Coloring Book.".
Two-time world champion beardsman Jack Passion, left, in 2011, and the… (Karolina Wojtasik / IFC;…)

When it comes to quirky last-minute gifts, you'd be hard pressed to find a more out-of-the-curve but so-on-trend offering than a facial hair-themed coloring book.

The "Beard and Mustache Coloring Book" is the brainchild of two-time world champion beardsman Jack Passion, a man who who has managed over the last seven years to leverage a legendary face mane into a full-blown beard-based business that includes T-shirts, a how-to manual called "The Facial Hair Handbook," and a starring role on IFC's docu-comedy TV series "Whisker Wars," the second season of which started airing Nov. 23.

L.A.-based Passion shared his ideas with an artist who rendered the final 22 black-and-white images that appear in the 48-page all-ages coloring book. He told All The Rage that he printed on only one side of each page for a reason.

"I was always dismayed as a child when there was stuff on the back of a coloring book page because it would bleed through, making everything look horrible," he told us.

Since we could only see a single mustache in the thicket of beards on the coloring book's cover, we wondered if the contents might be a bit beard biased, but Passion assured us otherwise.

"There [are] 10 beards, seven mustaches, two [sets of] sideburns, one goatee, one freestyle beard, and one clean-shaven guy that you can draw and/or color a beard onto," he told us.

The list of fuzzy-faced notables who appear in the pages of Passion's latest publication includes: a pirate, a wizard, Santa Claus, famed German facial-hair competitor Willi Chevalier (he's the dapper gent in the striped jacket in the lower left of the cover photo above) and Jack Passion himself. 

We couldn't resist asking the whiskered wizard from Walnut Creek about how one should properly shade in his award-winning beard.

"I would definitely choose to be colored in watercolor," he told us.

"[A] cadmium red orange."

Jack Passion's "Beard and Mustache Coloring Book," (48 pp. Jack Passion LLC, published Dec. 3, 2012, and available through for $11.95)


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