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Letters: Little sympathy for port strikers

December 04, 2012

Re "L.A. mayor seeks end to strike at ports," Dec. 3, and "Losses grow in port strike," Dec. 1

With the total compensation of "some of the highest-paid clerical workers in the U.S." currently at $165,000 a year, and an offer of $195,000 (and 11 weeks paid vacation) on the table, it's difficult to feel sorry for the striking port workers. It's even harder to justify the damage they're doing to commerce and their co-workers in the shipping industry.

Merry Christmas to all, including the folks who are losing income by showing "solidarity" by not crossing the picket lines.

John Hazlet


Tell me that $165,000 a year and rejecting a substantial increase were typos. If not, then what are these workers striking over?

It's one thing for a union to strike Marriott, Hilton and Sheraton at LAX when companies won't pay $10 an hour to housekeepers. It's something else when a bunch of out-of-touch union workers can't live on $165,000 a year.

No wonder corporations are shipping jobs overseas.

Dave Brewer

Playa del Rey


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