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Dustin Penner of L.A. Kings has new gig: Conan O'Brien's intern

December 04, 2012|By Lisa Dillman

You learn a lot in the midst of an abyss between players and owners.

Some NBA players headed overseas during their lockout last year. Even more NHLers wound up in Europe, keeping active during hockey's prolonged work stoppage.

But the Kings' Dustin Penner exercised his comic skills and got an internship with Conan O'Brien.

However, the internship will leave some of the personnel on the show a little bruised.

Penner's skit as an "intern" appeared on O'Brien's show, "Conan" on Monday night, and let's hope they bring him back for another turn to liven up things during the lockout blues.

Trust us, you will never look at oven mitts the same way again after watching the segment, which you can see above.


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