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Letters: Paying for TV we don't watch

December 05, 2012
  • The new Dodger owners -- from left, Peter Guber, Stan Kasten, Mark Walter and Earvin "Magic" Johnson, are expected to get $6 billion-plus for the TV rights to their team's games.
The new Dodger owners -- from left, Peter Guber, Stan Kasten, Mark Walter… (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles…)

Re "Sports cost, even if you don't watch," Dec. 2

The story about all cable and satellite customers paying the cost of sports channels even when not watched left out an alternative: an antenna. A year ago I installed a rooftop antenna; those who live in areas with strong signals can probably get by with new rabbit ear-type antennas.

My TV now receives 45 channels, many in glorious high definition, for free. Recently I added an online video box, and the free content is beyond amazing.

With the understanding that those specialty cable sports channels driving up monthly bills are not available, an antenna is an option for those with different TV-watching needs. Free is good.

Charlie Sparks


It's unfortunate that our government officials have granted cable companies exclusive franchises that allow them to pick the pockets of their constituents. If not for those monopolies, there would be "no-sports" cable companies offering consumers the channels we want to watch at a fraction of the price we're paying now.

I wait eagerly for the politician who's willing to revoke the cable companies' monopolies to let the consumers get the services they want.

Jim Winterroth


The high price of cable and satellite TV is the reason I decided to cancel my subscription. My last provider offered 20 or 30 sports channels — channels I never watched. When I added the plethora of other channels I never watched, I concluded that I was not getting sufficient value for my money.

When the TV services offer a la carte viewing with no minimum subscription period, I'll consider resubscribing.

David Salahi

Laguna Niguel


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