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Apple's Tim Cook on corresponding with customers, iTypos

December 06, 2012|By Deborah Netburn

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If you send Tim Cook an email, you just might hear back.

Apple's CEO told news anchor Brian Williams that he interacts with Apple customers every day, in an interview on "Rock Center With Brian Williams" that will air Thursday night.

"I get hundreds and, some days, thousands of emails from customers," Cook said as he and Williams stroll through the noisy Apple store in New York's Grand Central Station. "This is a privilege because they talk to you as if you're sitting at their kitchen table, because they care so deeply about Apple.... I do respond to some of it."

Later in the interview, Cook says he has essentially "ditched" physical keyboards, and now does most of his work on the virtual keyboard of the iPad or the iPhone.

"I think if you stick at it a little while, you get quite good at it," he told Williams, "and the auto correction is quite good." 

(I say, speak for yourself Cook!)

Cook said he writes 80% of his emails on the iPad. The rest of the time he's either on the iMac or the iPhone.

We have to give props to Williams for asking the question in the first place, and noting that the digital keyboard is an issue for many of Apple's users.

"How adept are you at the virtual keyboard, which confounds a lot of us?" the news anchor asked.

The Cook TV interview is exclusive to NBC and airs on "Rock Center with Brian Williams" on Thursday at 10 p.m. on the East and West coasts.


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