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Letters: A better life across the border

December 06, 2012

Re "Battling for his daughters," Dec. 2

I admire the steadfast love that Luis Ernesto Rodriguez, an illegal immigrant deported multiple times to El Salvador, has for his daughters. All the sacrifices he made for his girls have been incredible, and I don't think I could have done what he did.

But I think that it is time for him to let the children go. Yes, it is very difficult, but the foster family can provide a better life for his children. They don't have to think about what will be on the table tonight and how to avoid the gangs lurking in front of Rodriguez's house. This is what all parents want for their children: the best.

I wish Rodriguez the best, and I believe that he will be able to see his daughters again when they still call him daddy.

Huy Ho



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