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Letters: Mideast peace -- it takes two

December 06, 2012

Re "Complaints pour in to Israel," Dec. 4

Israel's European allies are up in arms about a settlement project and say that this is an impediment to the peace process. What peace process? With which Arab entity? Brokered by whom?

Does the act of building homes really overshadow the murderous acts committed daily by Syria against its own Arab population, unending rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel, the use of Palestinian children as human shields by terrorists and the attempted creation of nuclear weapons by Iran? Where is Europe's indignation over these acts?

It's no wonder Israel doesn't care about Europe's opinion.

Klara Shandling

Los Angeles

It seems that Israel is willing to withstand the international community's condemnation of its latest measures to punish the Palestinians. This will prove to be yet another reckless action by Israel's government, which is convinced that the opinion of the international community is of no importance.

This is not surprising in light of Israel's refusal to address numerous United Nations resolutions that have condemned the military occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the separation wall and Israel's refusal to acknowledge the Palestinians' right of return.

Our government must understand that Israel is a strategic liability that isolates the United States from the international community, as the vote for a Palestinian state at the U.N. showed. Instead of backing Israel unconditionally, the United States should act as a responsible friend and take away the keys when Israel insists on driving drunk.

Joseph Tillotson

Redondo Beach


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