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Dodgers can't even take a lousy bite out of Nashville

December 06, 2012|By Steve Dilbeck
  • Free-agent pitcher Zack Greinke fields a ball hit by the Texas Rangers' Ian Kinsler while playing for the Angels last season.
Free-agent pitcher Zack Greinke fields a ball hit by the Texas Rangers'… (LM Otero / Associated Press )

And then the big, bad new bully swept into baseball’s winter meetings and … did absolutely nothing?

That was disappointing. Maybe they were doing that due diligence thing, or being prudent, or just plain smart, but when you half expected them to storm Nashville, beating their chests and leaving with everything they wanted and Loretta Lynn, it’s hard not to come away a tad let down.

The winter meetings ended Thursday with the Dodgers not having signed a single soul.

They actually lost four players. Outfield prospect Alfredo Silverio was selected in Thursday’s Rule 5 draft, starter Joe Blanton signed with the Angels (didn’t want him back), outfielder Shane Victorino signed with the Red Sox (only wanted as a backup) and reliever Randy Choate signed with the Cardinals (him, they wanted, apparently just not bad enough).

Meanwhile, Zack Grienke -- the best starter available -- remained unsigned. And if he actually does get $160 million, then Clayton Kershaw really will get $200 million and can just go buy Africa.

The Dodgers came to the winter meetings wanting another starting pitcher or two, a fourth outfielder and a left-handed reliever, and left the same way.

These are your neo-New York Yankees? Looked more like the Cleveland Indians.

Safe to assume the Dodgers have not closed up shop, but packed their bags and headed back to do work in their Chavez Ravine offices. And you can probably also assume lots of wondrous groundwork was laid for future moves. Anyway, you hope.

Still, considering every other general manager was supposed to cower every time Ned Colletti stuck his head into a hotel hallway, returning to Los Angeles with nothing tangible to show for it was a bit of a downer. Not one lousy team was left behind pillaged and maimed.


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