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RG3, Andrew Luck compared favorably to John Elway, Dan Marino

December 06, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

Times NFL columnist Sam Farmer had a lot to say about this season's group of rookie quarterbacks during Thursday's NFL Slam with Mark and Sam, telling former radio personality Mark Thompson that this year's batch compares favorably with the group drafted in 1983.

"There are three Hall of Fame quarterbacks taken in the 1983 draft," Farmer said. "John Elway, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino.

"While it is wildly premature to make comparisons, this draft could be as good a draft as in 1983, if not better. You have five starting quarterbacks, six if you count Nick Foles.

"Robert Griffin III has already sent his cleats and jersey to Canton because he has rushed for more yards than any other rookie quarterback.

"I asked John Elway if this group belongs with the 1983 group and he said it is too early to say, but they already belong in the discussion."

Farmer also talked about Andrew Luck.

It was one of many topics covered by Farmer and Thompson. You can watch a replay of the video chat above.


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