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More than 80 vintage World War II-era vehicles set for auction

December 07, 2012|By W.J. Hennigan
  • The 1944 White M16 half-track "meat-chopper" was a U.S. military vehicle with a powered, armored turret with four .50-caliber machine guns.
The 1944 White M16 half-track "meat-chopper" was a U.S. military… (Auctions America )

Interested in purchasing a hulking, gun-carrying vehicle that was nicknamed the "meat-chopper" in World War II? How about a rare 12-ton towing vehicle designed to carry heavy artillery for the Nazis? Need an amphibious truck? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck.

On Saturday, Auctions America is helping the historic National Military History Centermuseum in Auburn, Ind., sell more than 80 vintage German, French, British and U.S military vehicles. The sale is set to help the museum pay off its mortgage, so it can continue to educate the public about the military history of both Europe and America through vehicle displays.

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"This is truly an exceptional and unique opportunity for collectors of both vehicles and military hardware to acquire many one-of-a-kind lots and prototypes," Auctions America President Donnie Gould said in a statement.

For those interested in participating but unable to attend in person, remote bidding options including Internet, absentee and telephone bidding will be available. The auction will stream live online at to provide real-time coverage of the event.

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Two vehicles sure to attract serious attention from collectors are an American GMC DUKW and British Humber Hexonaut GS, amphibious trucks used to transport Allied troops and supplies over land and water during the war.

Also on the docket are vintage 1940s motorcycles, including a 1942 Harley-Davidson UA with sidecar and a 1941 Indian 841 with saddlebags.


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