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YouTube rolls out new look, expands 'Guide' feature

December 07, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • A screenshot of YouTube's new design.
A screenshot of YouTube's new design. (YouTube )

YouTube is giving its website a fresh new look.

The Google-owned video service said in a blog post that videos are now being pushed to the very top of the page -- below only the YouTube logo, search bar and nothing else.

"In this new layout, you’ll find the most crucial elements are front and center when you watch a video," YouTube said.

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Video titles and the subscription button are now shown under the video.

The new look has also ditched YouTube's gray color used for all areas around videos and replaced it with a lighter shade that is almost white. Additionally, the video site has adopted a more simplistic design, similar to that of Google Drive, with 2-D shapes, leaving behind the button-like look it previously used.

Additionally, when you watch a video, you will see an icon on the left-hand side of the page for the "Guide" feature that expands when you click on it. This is the same Guide sidebar that you see when you go to's homepage.

If you click on a video for a channel you subscribe to, you will see a second icon that says "More from." It shows you more videos for the channel you're watching.


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