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Big Boi, B.o.B. to have major role in video game shooter

December 07, 2012|By Todd Martens
  • Big Boi and B.o.B. will appear in the Electronic Arts game "Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel," due to be released in 2013.
Big Boi and B.o.B. will appear in the Electronic Arts game "Army of… (Electronic Arts )

OutKast's Big Boi has worked with a bevy of impressive names across many genres throughout his career. Beyond his OutKast partner Andre 3000, Big Boi's solo work features pairings with stars big and small, including Jamie Foxx and Janelle Monáe, and his upcoming album will host appearances from name rappers such as Ludacris and indie acts such as Phantogram. 

But in early 2013, Big Boi and friend-collaborator B.o.B. will add an entirely new medium to the resume. The two are set to have pivotal roles in the upcoming Electronic Arts shooter "Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel," the third title in the "Army of Two" franchise.

The two Southern hip-hop artists will each be featured characters in the game, which tracks a pair of "tactical worldwide operations" agents as they're dropped in the middle of drug war in Mexico. Big Boi will star as Charles “Chuy” Rendall, and B.o.B. will appear as Anthony “Baker” Barnes, agents who appear in the game to aid players in their quest.

Players won't control the Big Boi and B.o.B. characters in the core game, but those who pre-order "Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel" will receive an additional mission that offers such functionality. Big Boi and B.o.B. have also written the game's theme song, "Double or Nothing."

" 'Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel' has everything I’m looking for in a great game -- intensity and huge explosions and destruction," said B.o.B. in a statement.  

"I can’t wait to load it up, hear the song and see myself in the game,” added Big Boi in the press release.

The game will be released on March 26 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Big Boi's new album, "Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors," will be released Dec. 11 via Island Def Jam. The Times' Randall Roberts earlier reviewed the single "Mama Told Me," a song that features an assist from Kelly Rowland. 

"As catchy as a classic Outkast collaboration, 'Mama Told Me' features a Kelly Rowland hook that weaves through a wobbly, melodic rhythm," Roberts wrote. "Big Boi illustrates why he's one of the most mellifluous rappers in hip-hop by offering floating verses that move through the measures like sing-along bouncing balls."


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