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One Direction's Niall Horan gets a Dustin Hoffman kiss

December 07, 2012|By Meredith Blake

In an appearance on Friday’s “Late Show,” British-Irish boy band One Direction got some serious love from an unexpected admirer – none other than acting legend (and recent Kennedy Center honoree) Dustin Hoffman, who laid a big, passionate kiss on Niall Horan, a.k.a. the Irish one.

The snog came just seconds after the boys entered the Ed Sullivan Theater (for some reason, to the sounds of Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”). Hoffman followed the band onto the stage, only to discover there wasn’t enough room for him to sit. After David Letterman refused to allow Hoffman to sit on his lap, the actor opted to cozy up next to Horan on the armrest.  

Then Hoffman made his move, declaring he was going to kiss Horan and planting a big, possibly wet one on the young lad. It wasn’t the smoothest move in history, but Horan nevertheless seemed pretty thrilled about it, marking the first and possibly the last time ever that millions of teenage girls will be jealous of Dustin Hoffman.

Fans will have to wait until tonight to see the rest of the band’s appearance.


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