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Food FYI: During beer run, baby left with pit bull, report says

December 07, 2012|By Betty Hallock
  • Don't let this happen to you. A man allegedly went out for beer, leaving his child at home with a pit bull.
Don't let this happen to you. A man allegedly went out for beer, leaving… (Shutterstock )

A baby left with a pit bull in northeastern Florida is unharmed, but the man looking after the 10-month-old has been charged with neglect, according to Flagler County sheriff's deputies. The 41-year-old man allegedly went out for a beer and left the baby with the dog, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

The mother of the child left the baby in the care of James R. Irvine when she went to work Nov. 30, the News-Journal article says, citing the sheriff's report, but Irivine allegedly then abandoned the child to go out to a bar. The child's mother got worried after calling Irvine several times, who reportedly finally picked up a call and said, "I'm watching the game," before hanging up, the newspaper says.

When the mother arrived home, she saw Irvine trying to get into the house through the garage door, according to the sheriff's report.

The News-Journal article says Irvine told her that he had not "left the baby alone," because the "pit bull was watching the baby." The dog reportedly was sitting outside the shut room where the child allegedly was left, and the child was crying.

Irvine was released on $1,500 bail, the newspaper reports.


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