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Manny Pacquiao is training to knock out Juan Manuel Marquez

December 07, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

Manny Pacquiao has been writing a weekly blog for HBO Sports in the weeks leading up to his fight Saturday against Juan Manuel Marquez. HBO has provided excerpts from his final blog, in which Pacquiao discusses why he didn't seek a rematch with Tim Bradley, and why what he learned in his fight with Bradley will help him knock out Marquez.

“I was really looking forward to fighting Tim Bradley. He had earned the shot at my title having been undefeated and unifying the junior welterweight titles twice. He always came to fight in shape and he always fought aggressively. I thought the fans would enjoy our fight.

“But after the early rounds where I was connecting on a lot of my punches Bradley did what Joshua Clottey, Shane Mosley and even Juan Manuel Márquez did when they fought me. He ran.   

“It was very disappointing. If I didn’t go after Bradley there would be no action -- no fight. That’s no good for the fans.

“I felt I won the fight easily. I controlled all of it. And when the final bell rang I could see the frustration in his face. He knew he lost. You could tell by his body language. But when I heard the scores I was completely surprised but what could I do? The judges saw it differently and I accept their decision.  Officially it counts as a loss and I am no longer a world champion, and yet it has never felt like a loss to me. It is hard to describe.

“That is why I decided not to seek a rematch with Bradley. Everyone knew I won that fight. It was one sided. The fans did not want to see that fight again and what would it prove?  

“But it did remind me of what boxing is all about; finishing what you start. It’s not always good enough to win. You have to win going all out for all 12 rounds. You have to go for the knockout when it presents itself. As Freddie Roach has always told me, ‘When your opponent is ready to be knocked out, knock him out. It’s your job.’ 

"And that is how I have trained for Márquez. To do my job."

All-new editions of HBO’s all-access reality series "24/7 Pacquiao/Marquez 4" finale premieres Friday at 8 p.m. The series will also be available on HBO On Demand and HBO GO.  Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 takes place Saturday from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 6 p.m.


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