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Samsung teases new Galaxy S III features in 'Premium Suite' upgrade

December 08, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez

Samsung has released a video previewing upcoming features for the Galaxy S III smartphone that are coming with an operating system update.

The features are part of what Samsung is calling the GS3's Premium Suite upgrade, but the company has not announced when that upgrade will arrive.

Perhaps the coolest new feature is one called Auto Share Shot Paring using NFC. That feature lets users pair together two GS3 phones so that when one of the devices takes a photo, the picture will show up on both phones. This would come in especially handy during the holidays or on vacation trips where a lot of photos will be taken.

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Social media users might also appreciate the Facebook Lock Ticker, which brings your News Feed to the GS3's lock screen. The News Feed can be pulled up from the bottom of the display, and if you tap any of the items, you'll be taken to the corresponding post on Facebook.

Multi Window is a feature that we've seen on other Samsung devices but is new to the GS3. It lets you run two different apps on the screen at the same time.

The rest of the video shows other features called Page Buddy, Contextual Menu, Contextual Tag and Reader Mode, which seems a lot like Apple's Reading List feature.

You can see those features in the video above, and Samsung has said a second video showing off more features will be released too.

However, the Premium Suite upgrade may be a ways into the future for U.S. users. American carriers have been slow on releasing the GS3's Android Jelly Bean upgrade, which is the predecessor to Premium Suite. Verizon, most notably, has still yet to put out the Jelly Bean upgrade.


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