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This week's recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen

December 08, 2012|By Noelle Carter
  • Chickpeas, which are native to the Fertile Crescent, and olive-oil sauted onions are the filling for holiday appetizer turnovers. Legumes are Holy Land staples.
Chickpeas, which are native to the Fertile Crescent, and olive-oil sauted… (Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles…)

This week, cookbook author Faye Levy shares the importance of oil to Hanukkah:

"As a child in Hebrew school, I was taught the story of the Hanukkah miracle: When the Jews in the land of Israel defeated the foreigners, the priests seeking to rekindle the temple’s eternal light found enough ritually pure oil for only one day. Miraculously that oil lasted for eight days.

"What we hadn’t learned in Hebrew school was that the oil of the Hanukkah miracle was olive oil. In ancient Israel, olive oil was used for lighting lamps, for religious rituals and for cooking."

She includes recipes for potato kugel, colorful spinach salad, chickpea turnovers and fragrant pull-apart bread with fig jam.   And S. Irene Virbila shares her love of Tarte Tatin. And a pretty amazing recipe. This week's recipes include:

When you try one of this week's recipes or any L.A. Times recipe, let us know! Upload a photo to the "Our Recipes, Your Kitchen" gallery to share your take on the recipe and tell us about yourself. Your photo will be posted online on our L.A. Times Food page.


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