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Letters: Fresh & Easy's weakness

December 09, 2012

Re "Fresh & Easy may check out for good," Business, Dec. 6

I am not surprised. While Fresh & Easy grocery stores have charm, and much of the food is fresh, shopping at them is certainly not "easy." I try to avoid my neighborhood store.

What irks me most is the fact that I have to do my own checkout. I marvel at how skilled supermarket clerks are at that; I am clumsy and slow. The machines often do not accept store coupons, and the clerks who help customers have to go in a roundabout manner to give the discounts. Their friendliness and patience under the circumstances are laudable. Also, the market does not accept manufacturers' coupons.

Perhaps the executives at British parent company Tesco should have considered personal checkout service instead of computerized impersonality.

Ingrid Altman



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