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Watch Juan Manuel Marquez knock out Manny Pacquiao

December 10, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

In a result that stunned many, Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out Manny Pacquiao in the sixth round of their boxing match Saturday night, leaving Pacquiao in a crumpled heap after connecting with a right hand to the head near the end of the round.

As you can see in the video above, Marquez lands an absolutely vicious blow flush to Pacquiao's nose. Pacquaio falls to the canvas unconscious as a stunned crowd reacts in silence.

"I threw a perfect punch," Marquez said after the fight. "I knew Manny could knock me out at any time.

"I felt he was coming to knock me out the last three rounds, and I knew he was going to be wide open."

Pacquiao went down in the third round but returned the favor and knocked down Marquez in the fifth. The fighters were exchanging big punches throughout the sixth round before Marquez sent Pacquiao to the canvas at 2:59 of the round.

Marquez improved to 55-6-1 with the 40th knockout of his career.

Pacquiao is 54-5-2.


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