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Facebook opens Gifts feature to all users

December 11, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • Facebook opened its Gifts feature to all users Tuesday morning.
Facebook opened its Gifts feature to all users Tuesday morning. (Facebook )

Facebook is opening its Gifts feature to all U.S. users, the social network said Tuesday.

Gifts is one of Facebook's big attempts this year at creating additional streams of revenue to complement its advertising sales.

The feature capitalizes on the birthday and congratulatory wishes people send one another via Facebook by giving them a quick and simple way to purchase someone a present and have it sent to them. Users can also use the Gifts feature to send an another gift cards or donate to charities and nonprofit groups.

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The service opened to a limited number of U.S. users when it was introduced in September. Since then, Facebook has slowly expanded Gifts to more users and has also added products to its catalog. Most notably, Gifts includes iTunes and Starbucks gift cards.

You can access this feature in several ways. One is by clicking on your birthday reminders on the right sidebar of the News Feed page. Under each person's birthday an icon appears with the words "Buy a Gift." You can also find the icon when you visit a person's profile page, next to "Post" and "Photo."

Users can also find the Gift option on their mobile app.


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