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Samsung previews more Galaxy S III 'Premium Suite' features

December 11, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez

Samsung has released a second video previewing some of the features coming on its Premium Suite upgrade for the Galaxy S III.

The features detailed in the latest video of the GS3's upcoming software upgrade focused on improving camera and photo capabilities as well as adding features for users with disabilities.

The standout feature is one called Camera Best Face, which is meant for group photos. This feature will take five different pictures, and after its done, each person in the picture can choose the favorite shot of their face. Once everyone's chosen, the feature combines all the various photos into one that includes the face each user selected. Samsung says this should help get rid of shots where someone blinks.

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Other photo and camera features include Camera Low Light Shot, which takes night shots without flash, and Paper Artist, which gives you a set of tools to decorate your pictures. From the looks of the video, most of the Paper Artist options make your photo look cartoonish.

Another feature is Camera Easy Snap, which is for the visually impaired. This feature lets you know if someone moves into the frame of your shot by saying "faces are detected."

Other features for those with disabilities include the addition of an "Accessibility" option on the setup page. Samsung has also added a Sound Balance option in the Settings app, so users with unbalanced hearing can adjust how sound is delivered to their particular needs.

And finally, if you're new to smartphones, Samsung will also be adding an Easy Mode. That features puts the most heavily used widgets on your phones menu and simplifies it, that way you don't have to worry about where all your apps are or how to get to whatever tool you need.

You can see all of those features above, and you can watch and read about the features previewed in the first video in this post. No word yet on when the Premium Suite upgrade will make its way to the U.S.


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