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Letters: L.A.'s poet laureate -- an appreciation

December 11, 2012

Re "Poet laureate is chosen for L.A.," Dec. 7

In the early 1980s, I was a restless transfer student at Cal State Northridge, an undeclared major and uncertain in most things. On a whim, I attended a poetry reading in a packed CSUN office. Eloise Klein Healy read from her book, "A Packet Beating Like a Heart," and I was set free. The ache of my young life did not disappear, but I credit Healy with my decision to pursue a bachelor's degree in English.

The craft of poetry is to this day my balm in a still uncertain world.

Thank you, Ms. Healy. You are truly L.A.'s own, and I embrace you as our poet laureate.

Jeanine D'Elia

Granada Hills


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