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Boston Celtics' Chris Wilcox fined for flipping off the Kiss Cam

December 11, 2012|By Houston Mitchell
  • Chris Wilcox extends for a layup in an earlier game against the 76ers. Friday night, he extended a finger, and now he'll have to pay.
Chris Wilcox extends for a layup in an earlier game against the 76ers. Friday… (Jared Wickerham / Getty…)

You know the Kiss Cam? That harmless bit many sporting events run between innings or during timeouts, in which a camera operator finds couples sitting in the stands and puts them on the big video screen, trying to get them to kiss? It's a little annoying, but harmless. All in good fun. Unless you are Chris Wilcox.

The Boston Celtics center was minding his own business, sitting on the bench during a game against the 76ers in Philadelphia on Friday night when the Kiss Cam operator decided to put him on screen. The reaction from Wilcox wasn't very romantic, but it did involve one of his fingers.

Yes, with a sold-out crowd of nearly 18,000 watching, Wilcox greeted the Kiss Cam with his middle finger.

As a result, NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson announced Monday that Wilcox has been fined $25,000 for "making an obscene gesture directed toward fans during a game."

Come on, Stu, he wasn't sending that to the fans, he was sending that to the Kiss Cam.  What's the worst that could happen?

Then again, perhaps someplace today in Philadelphia, some 7-year-old child, let's call him Johnny, will anxiously await his father, who is coming home from a long day at work. Johnny peeks through the window and sees his dad walking up the steps to the house. As dad goes into the house, Johnny excitedly extends his middle finger. "Dad," Johnny says innocently. "Here's a kiss for you."

Shame on you, Chris Wilcox, for destroying the innocence of the youth in Philadelphia. Shame on you.


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