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Photo-filter wars: Flickr launches Instagram-like iPhone app

December 12, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • A few screenshots of the updated Flickr iPhone app.
A few screenshots of the updated Flickr iPhone app. (Flickr )

Yahoo, jumping in to fill a void left by Instagram, is updating its Flickr iPhone app with numerous photo filters -- among them a way to export pictures to Twitter.

Marissa Mayer's company announced a major update for its Flickr iPhone app Wednesday. The layout for the revised iPhone version of Flickr looks very much like Instagram with a dose of Pinterest thrown in.

The app features a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen complete with a section that shows users the photos their friends have been sharing. In the middle of the navigation bar is a camera button usersĀ  can press to take a shot.

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Once you take a photo, you can edit it various ways and apply one of 16 photo filters. Afterward, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr or through email.

Additionally, you can click on a globe icon in the navigation bar to be taken to Flickr's "Explore" page. That section shows pictures being shared all around Flickr and displays them in a very Pinterest-like manner.

The updated Flickr app comes a week after Instagram announced it would no longer make its photos visible on Twitter. Instead, Instagram will only let users send out tweets with links to pictures that direct users back to

This week Twitter also jumped on the photo-filter bandwagon and released a mobile update that brings photo filters to its iPhone and Android apps.


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