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Letters: Saying no to billboard blight

December 13, 2012

Re "Panel orders 100 digital billboards removed in L.A.," Dec. 11

Curtailing the digital billboard blight spreading through our city is certainly a wonderful holiday gift, but what a disgrace that it took a lawsuit by another billboard company to stop our elected City Council members from selling out our quality of life to "avoid lawsuits, generate revenue or pay back political favors."

My hope is that in 2013, the council will make a New Year's resolution to just say no to the billboard companies that put their blind pursuit of revenue over the beauty of our neighborhoods.

Rex Altman

Los Angeles

Hooray for the state appeals court judges who ordered the billboards removed. Having spent a long career in the advertising business, I designed my share of billboards. It was the only aspect of my job I disliked.

I am in agreement with the venerable ad man David Ogilvy in regarding billboards as destructive. And Ogilvy didn't even live to see the proliferation of these electronic monsters. Good riddance.

Glenn Ossiander

Pacific Palisades


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