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Letters: Times change, Justice Scalia

December 13, 2012
(Jessica Hill / Associated…)

Re "Scalia defends his writings on anti-gay laws," Dec. 12

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's use of "reduction to the absurd" in his comparison of homosexuality to murder is an absurd torturing of logic. Homosexuality has long been condoned by society, whereas murder never has.

A more correct comparison would be to draw parallels between same-sex marriage and the laws on interracial marriage, since religious intolerance was also critical in arguing against mixed-race couples and Scalia bases his moral views on religion.

Society as a whole changed its opinions regarding interracial marriage decades ago, as it clearly has toward homosexual marriage today.

It wouldn't hurt the intellectual integrity of a man like Scalia to adjust his views with the times. He is not the pope.

David Del Bourgo

Woodland Hills


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