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'The X Factor' recap: Emblem 3 is cut in surprising results

December 14, 2012|By Amy Reiter
  • The organically free-spirited fellows of Emblem3 took the news of their "X Factor" loss in stride.
The organically free-spirited fellows of Emblem3 took the news of their… (Ray Mickshaw / Fox )

For a while there, it looked like there might be a major shocker on "The X Factor" results show on Thursday night. (And I don't mean L.A. Reid's announcement, shortly before the show aired, that he would not be returning as a judge/mentor next season.) Had the insta-girl group Fifth Harmony, a major longshot even their hyper-confident mentor, Simon Cowell, was gobsmacked to see make it through to the finals, knocked favorite Carly Rose Sonenclar, who had had a less-than-stellar night on Wednesday, out of the competition?

Even Sonenclar and her mentor, Britney Spears, looked scared. (In fact, Spears' terrified, horrified, totally hilarious face upon learning Fifth Harmony was safe was a hot topic on Twitter.)

As it turned out, no. After waiting out performances by Bridgit Mendler and Bruno Mars, Sonenclar did make it through, as had fellow front-runner Tate Stevens. Fifth Harmony had only managed to sneak up on fellow group Emblem3 and swipe their spot in the finals. That was unexpected – Emblem3 was the more deserving group – but not fall-to-your-knees-and-curse-the-fickle-voters surprising.

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That sayer of sooth Spears had been right when she said Wednesday night there was probably room for only one group in the finals. And she was right again Thursday to express disappointment that the group to get there would be the carefully constructed Fifth Harmony instead of the organically free-spirited fellows of Emblem3, who took the news in as optimistic and upbeat a way as you might imagine, and far more maturely.

"It's all good," Emblem3's lead singer (who can keep their names straight?) said, reassuring their fans that they loved them and that they would keep making music.

Earlier, the group's blondest member, the one who liked to take off his shirt, said the "wealth of knowledge" he had amassed during the competition "surpasses the $5 million, so either way" – stay or go – "I'm grateful." Awww.

And either way, these guys are not likely to head back to the beach or skatepark without a record deal under their belts.

After the group's fate had been revealed, Cowell, who also clearly thought Emblem3 was the superior group, said he was "very, very disappointed" with the vote results, but was certain Emblem3 was "going to have a huge career off the back of this."

After all, they already got chased by rabid fans during a shopping expedition. Demi Lovato has already deemed them crush-worthy. Boy-band maker Cowell has dedicated himself to their success. You know what that means.

Watch your back, One Direction.

Were you sad to see Emblem3 go?

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