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Letters: Lakers hitting new lows

Fans aren't happy with anything about their favorite bunch of former champions.

December 14, 2012
  • The Lakers are 5-9 since Mike D'Antoni took over as head coach.
The Lakers are 5-9 since Mike D'Antoni took over as head coach. (Rob Carr / Getty Images )

And people wondered why Phil Jackson had to think it over?

Cal Teraoka

Costa Mesa


I kept trying to TiVo "The Biggest Loser" and the Lakers game kept coming on.

Ron Yukelson

San Luis Obispo


The Lakers are now the Clippers and the Clippers are now the Lakers. Who goofed? I've got to know.

Bart Miller



If anyone thinks Kobe is running Mike D'Antoni's offense, they're nuts, yet all we hear about is how it doesn't work. There will always be a power forward who can't shoot open for a three-pointer in the corner when Kobe has the ball and Howard is camped in the lane.

Meanwhile, I've watched the last string of losses and have yet to see a pick-and-roll or even a pick-and-shoot involving Kobe and Dwight. While T.J. has the tar boiling and the feather pillows stacked up for D'Antoni, the reality is we're still watching the same bad movie that always runs when Kobe thinks the answer is the ball in his hands.

Rich Holland

Aliso Viejo


Who are the only guys in the galaxy who could prevent the Lakers, with a five-time champion superstar and one of the best players in NBA history, and his sidekick, the dominant center, perennial All-Star and three-time defensive player of the year, from making the playoffs? Two guys named Mike, one a former video coordinator, and the other until recently unemployed.

Tom Lallas

Los Angeles


Let's see: Local team signs two mega free agents. Team becomes a preseason favorite to win the title. Team gets off to a horrendous start to the season. And so it goes for the Los Angeles Lakers of Anaheim.

Bill Groak

West Hollywood


The run-and-gun Lakers are definitely more exciting, as in how much will they be blown out by tonight? Bring back the boring, pound-it-down-low Lakers quickly.

Eric Weinsheink

Beverly Hills


I just finished watching the Lakers lose to Cleveland, and being a Trojans football fan also, I hate to say it, but this Lakers team feels eerily similar. Turns out, only in chat rooms does oodles of talent translate well. Unfortunately, actual games reveal suspect defense and questionable chemistry, which is not the foundation of championships.

Chris R. Gagliano

Rancho Palos Verdes


Kobe is to be congratulated on being the youngest player to reach the 30,000-point milestone. If he plays for another 34 years he can catch John Stockton's 15,806 career assists record.

Kevin H. Park



Let's add this one to the growing list of Laker excuses: "I think when Phil returns, a lot of these problems will go away!"

John Brunel

Tustin Ranch


The report that several Lakers fell asleep from boredom when the team watched the film "Lincoln" was very fitting. Now the players know how their fans feel.

Charles Sergis

Redondo Beach

Money ball

I've been a Dodgers fan since they played in Brooklyn. Now, their new owners have spent an incredible amount of money in hopes of purchasing an NL pennant and a World Series title. What are they going to do if they are unsuccessful? Sell the team? A large part of that money would have been better spent investing in the Dodgers' farm system and making it the best in baseball.

Lewis Redding



May I gently suggest to Dodgers fans and Times columnists reveling in the certainty of a World Series in 2013 that history teaches otherwise?

Throwing obscene amounts of money at athletes does not guarantee success. Plenty of teams have tried it and failed. Even the Yankees.

The real deal with such apparently insane bingeing is not about the Series but about the reported $6-billion TV contract coming. And guess who is going to pay for it? The fans, of course. If you thought cable TV was astronomically priced, just wait until you have to pay your share of this bubble.

Ray Mungo

Signal Hill


I grew up in New Jersey and have been a Dodger fan since 1945, when we had a high school kid, who couldn't get to the games before the fourth inning, playing shortstop.

I looked forward to years of excitement built around youngsters like Kershaw and Gordon. Now we have new owners and pretty much a new team, a well-paid team that I'm afraid I'm going to have a hard time rooting for. I think, finally, that I truly appreciate why I've spent the last 67 years hating the Yankees.

Bart Robertson



OK, the Dodgers signed a couple of starting pitchers, but they still have the following problems:

1. A manager who has seen postseason games in his career only when he was Joe Torre's assistant

2. A third base coach who doesn't decipher between zero outs and two outs

3. A light-hitting second baseman

4. No third baseman

5. An iron glove at shortstop

6. It will still take 45 minutes to get a hot dog

Craig Poletti

San Dimas


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