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Watch Rams' Danny Amendola spike the ball into an usher's face

December 17, 2012|By Chuck Schilken

Danny Amendola has had a rough year.

The St. Louis Rams receiver could have died when he dislocated his clavicle while diving for the ball back in October. And just weeks after returning from that injury, he had to miss two more with a hurt foot.

So perhaps there was a lot of pent up frustration by the time Amendola got back to the field Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. And he was able to let it all out by spiking the ball after scoring his first touchdown since September.

Ah, must've felt great just to let it all out like that -- great for Amendola, that is.

Not so much for the poor usher whose glasses were broken when the ball hit him in the face. He can be seen covering his face with his hands as Amendola and his teammates celebrate what was essentially a meaningless touchdown (the Rams still trailed by more than two scores).

To his credit, Amendola apparently tried to make up for it by gently handing the ball to the first person he saw at the back of the end zone after a two-point conversion later in the quarter. Unfortunately, it wasn't the same guy.

Hopefully the original usher is OK and he was simply on his way to LensCrafters.


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