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NASA goes 'Gangnam Style' in the name of PSY-ence

December 18, 2012|By Deborah Netburn

Oppa NASA style?

Just when we thought we couldn't take any more "Gangnam Style" parodies, a group of intern scientists (PSY-entists?) at NASA put out "NASA Johnson Style" and if you're anything like me--you can't look away.

" daily," sings a galloping scientist with some serious PSY-like moves. "'s amazing."

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Over the course of the video our PSY look-a-like takes us to Mission Control Center, Rocket Park and the Teague Auditorium. He also gets some real astronauts into the act. 

Clayton Anderson was the first to get on board by signing up to dance on the video. After a one-minute clip of what the students had in mind started circulating at Johnson Space Center,  astronauts Michael Massimino and Tracy Caldwell Dyson also got involved. 

Making a NASA "Gangnam Style" parody that is actually approved by NASA isn't easy. The lyrics went through many rewrites before they were finally approved and shooting began in mid-November. It took about a month to go from shooting, to editing, to posting to the Internet.

The result is definitely promotional, but also inspiring.

Here's a taste:

Train the astronauts at Johnson
To go to space, hey!
To go to space, hey! 
Cause the missions of tomorrow 
Start today, hey!
Start today, hey!
As we engineer the future day by day

NASA was recently declared the best place to work in the federal government, with 72.8% of employees expressing job satisfaction. After the success of this video, we'd like to also nominate them as the most pop-culturally savvy agency too.

Hello, Mohawk guy!


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