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Letters: Fixing realignment

December 20, 2012

Re "Don't blame realignment," Editorial, Dec. 11

I disagree with The Times' assertion that it's off base to amend AB 109, the state's realignment law, to require that offenders with prior convictions for violent or serious crimes be subject to stricter supervision or sentencing requirements.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck noted that Northridge quadruple homicide suspect Ka Pasasouk "certainly would've had an increased level of scrutiny via probation or parole absent [AB] 109." My resolution seeks to increase the scrutiny on people like Pasasouk and amend the realignment law in a manner that will help prevent heinous, violent crimes.

The Times is absolutely right that realignment is "laden with potential problems." I am committed to fixing these problems and increasing public safety.

Mitchell Englander

Los Angeles

The writer is a City Council member.


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