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Letters: A Capitol Hill hero

December 20, 2012

Re "War hero served nearly 50 years in U.S. Senate," Obituary, Dec. 18

How sad and ironic that a reluctant warrior and conciliator passes at a time of senseless violence and partisan bickering.

Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) played key roles, in terms real and symbolic, in bringing Hawaii "closer to the mainland" and engendering greater acceptance of minorities by the rest of America. He did this for more than half a century on Capitol Hill in a variety of legislative areas, including high-profile roles fighting government corruption.

Grabbing a bull by the horns, embracing tough public-policy issues and hugging those who dislike you with your two arms is indeed hard. Inouye did all this with only one arm. Let us be inspired by his legacy of honor and good conduct.

Calvin Naito

Los Angeles


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