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Pop musicians' (final?) tweets for the apocalypse

December 21, 2012|By Randy Lewis
  • Weird Al Yankovic is among numerous pop musicians tweeting about the projected end of the world on Dec. 21.
Weird Al Yankovic is among numerous pop musicians tweeting about the projected… (Volcano Records )

Here's how end-of-the-world projections, based on the Mayan calendar, are being greeted in some quarters of the pop music world on Twitter. Pop & Hiss has decided to include two end-of-the-world tweets from Weird Al Yankovic because 1) he had the foresight to name his latest album "Alpocalypse" and 2) who can blame him for trying to squeeze in as many tweets as possible before the end times?

“Trying frantically to get this record done before the end of the world. Damn Mayans.” -- Brad Paisley

“Good news! I made some calls and had them push the end of the world to sometime after the release of my album, #Mother 5/7/13. You're welcome.” -- Natalie Maines, the Dixie Chicks

“After the world ends there will be nothing left but cockroaches & Pro Tools engineers.” -- Slash

“To everyone disappointed that the world didn't end even though it's already the 21st in Australia: there is hope yet. Keep believing!” -- actor-musician Richie Lister, retweeted by singer-songwriter Mindy Smith

#EndoftheWorldConfessions: If watching #CMAChristmas (9|8c on ABC) is the last thing we do ... at least we'll go out rejoicing in the spirit!” -- Country Music Assn.

“So... what's everyone doing for their last night on Earth? #mayanapocalypse” -- Bonnaroo Music Festival

“Remember, the world ends tomorrow. Last chance to buy Weird Al: The Book or any of the fine merchandise here:” -- Weird Al Yankovic

“Trying to decide whether it's worthwhile decorating the tree before the end of the world. Also, what to wear for the Rapture?” -- Eric Idle, founding member of Monty Python and the Rutles

“It's not gonna end until the sun burns out or blows up. I think we're good for a few billion years.” KCSN-FM deejay Nic Harcourt, tweeted in response to “I'm confused did the world end today or is it tomorrow ? I always forget.” -- John Cusack

“Planning to spend my last day on earth just like every other day (i.e. naked and shivering in the closet). #HappyAlpocalypse” --  Weird Al Yankovic

“NASA Releases 'Told Ya So' Apocalypse Video Early:  via @youtube damn! spoiled the surprise!!!” -- Exene Cervenka, singer for L.A. punk band X


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