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Letters: A tantrum by the rich

December 21, 2012

Re "Dock renters' revolt dims parade," Dec. 17

I read with tears in my eyes of the plight of the Newport Beach waterfront homeowners and the proposed rent hike on their dock space. How can these poor people afford more than the current $8 monthly rent?

One of these homeowners spent $15,000 to decorate for Christmas, but he and his neighbors can't afford a nominal hike in rent to maintain the harbor? Seriously? Now some dock renters are refusing to turn on their Christmas lights in protest. What a shame.

Hopefully the Newport Beach City Council will stand its ground and go forward with the rate hike. These homeowners are fortunate they're not being charged retroactively. This just goes to show how much different, and ridiculous, the wealthy can be.

Dennis Kline



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