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Letters: The childhood roots of violence

December 21, 2012

Re "Search for a lasting good," Column, Dec. 18

Sandy Banks' piece on the Newtown, Conn., shootings was thoughtful.

I agree that it will be a worthwhile struggle to get some sensible gun control laws put in place. And even though we will never be able to burn all the spindles in the kingdom, we can considerably reduce the opportunity for harm. But what about motive?

Our kids' brains are marinating in violence because of the toys we buy them, the ads they see and the media they use. This is true for all kids — bright and average, well adjusted and troubled. How many parents shed a tear and then drove off to the mall to buy violent toys and games?

Sure, it's time for stricter gun laws. But it's also time for us to say: "Sorry, kid, that's not how I roll. That toy doesn't belong in our house."

Susan North

Los Angeles


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