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Lindsay Lohan: $93K tax lien paid, one more tax bill remains

December 26, 2012|By Christie D'Zurilla

Lindsay Lohan has put a dent in her outstanding tax debt, paying off the nearly $94,000 she owed for 2009 and tossing some change at the bill still looming for 2010.

Lohan reportedly used the $100,000 she was gifted by Charlie Sheen -- which, incidentally, she finally did thank him for, according to TMZ. She was blaming her perceived lack of manners on a broken phone and missing contacts, the website said, sending a written thank-you note and flowers after she saw his comments asking for at least a text to acknowledge his gift.

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The two worked together on "Scary Movie 5," which has a new trailer out featuring Lindsay screaming in terror at ... footage of herself, heading into court. 

Lohan is still in the hole for more than $133,000 after paying $93,701.57 to remove the 2009 lien on Dec. 12, and putting the balance toward the $140,203.30 in taxes the government says she didn't pay for 2010. The liens were filed early this year, E! News reported.


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