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Watch a father's elation over gift of tickets to BCS championship game

December 26, 2012|By Melissa Rohlin

Don Buckhannan's son gave him a hat for Christmas.

"Hot diggity dog," Buckhannan said, smiling. "Oh I like it, I like it."

Buckhannan's son then prodded his father to check the size of the hat. 

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When Buckhannan peaked inside the brim, the Alabama football fan from Oxford, Ala., found a pair of tickets to the BCS championship game.

His ensuing reaction was amazing.

Buckhannan at first appears as though he's going to cry.  He then starts shouting as he stares in disbelief at the tickets. 

Tickets to the Jan. 7 game between Alabama and Notre Dame are very pricey -- the cheapest ticket on as of Wednesday morning was $941.

So if you had to fake a smile on Christmas after being gifted a pair of socks, watch the above video to partake in some genuine elation.


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