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Letters: Inside L.A.'s foster care system

December 27, 2012
  • Meredith Kensington walks away after filing a petition to seek contact information about her three siblings at the Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court in Monterey Park.
Meredith Kensington walks away after filing a petition to seek contact… (Los Angeles Times )

Re “Her holiday wish: family,” Dec. 24

The story about Meredith Kensington's search for the three siblings she lost contact with many years ago after they entered Los Angeles County's foster care system broke my heart. I hope someone reads her story and helps her find them, as the system has failed her. It is sad when people are just objects and not living, caring individuals with feelings.

The system failed my daughter and me. It took a private detective to find me after 45 years. The system “lost” our files.

Good luck, Meredith, and don't give up. Your siblings are out there somewhere waiting for you.

Linda Loding

What a heartwarming story this Christmas of Kensington's efforts to reunite with her family. I wish her success.

For 20 years I have sought to reunite my mother with her kid sister, whom my mother rescued from the rubble of World War II-era Berlin. They have not seen each other in 60 years. My mom is now 88 and her sister is 82. They have given up any hope of seeing each other again.

My neighbor says “from your lips to God's ears,” but it seems God is stuck on call waiting.

Craig Carr
West Hills

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