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Letters: Not sporting

December 27, 2012

Re “Secretive NCAA is pulled into spotlight,” Dec. 24

An investigation of how the NCAA conducts its business is long overdue. The organization seems to be mostly about making money, not about college athletes. Its processes are “black box” and its enforcers appear to harbor institutional biases.

Some NCAA investigations have taken interminable amounts of time: How many years did it spend chasing former USC star Reggie Bush? In other situations, the NCAA has intruded into institutional processes for which it has little competence.

Yes, the Penn State situation involved a coach who was also a major administrative officer, but the failure was less that of the football program than it was a major administrative lapse that should have been investigated by the appropriate accreditation body, not by the NCAA. The members of the Penn State football team unfairly paid the price.

The NCAA needs to open its processes to public scrutiny. We are not talking about national security here.

Lewis Redding

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