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Letters: The trouble with lists

December 28, 2012

Re “We're making a list,” Editorial, Dec. 25

Thank you for your editorial characterizations of those “naughty” and “nice” — not what I expected on Christmas Day.

Look at our national debt: I think President Obama belongs in the “naughty” column. I'd be really happy if you added Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to that list too.

We need “pay as you go” and a balanced budget. Why is this so difficult to understand and implement now?

Arvel Witte
Rolling Hills

Your Christmas editorial showed the absolute corruption of the mainstream media. "Naughty" was nothing but a tirade against Republicans while "nice" was an attempt to free Hillary Rodham Clinton from the Benghazi debacle. You continue to hide this.

Allan L. Griffith
Stevenson Ranch

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